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Custom Tooling Systems, Inc. Online Auction

Searching for exceptional opportunities on industrial machinery and equipment? Your quest ends here!, a proud member of the Miedema Asset Management Group Company, is about to present an online auction that’s sending waves through the industry. Let’s shine the spotlight on the highly anticipated Custom Tooling Systems, Inc. online auction, located in Zeeland, Michigan.

A Legacy Transitioning into Auction Brilliance

After three decades of unwavering dedication to both industry and community, the visionary minds behind Custom Tooling Systems, Inc. are embarking on a new journey – retirement. In honor of their impressive legacy and to facilitate fresh beginnings, they’re making available an extensive collection of machinery, equipment, tooling, vehicles, and more through the trusted platform,

The Star-Studded Ensemble: Prime Equipment Highlights

This auction promises a haven for both enthusiasts and businesses in search of top-tier machinery and equipment. Here’s a glimpse of the major equipment pieces that are poised to captivate your attention:

  • 2012 Yama Seiki / Awea LP4025 Bridge Type Vertical Machining Center: Boasting a substantial 94.5″ x 159″ T-Slotted Traveling Table and a robust 6000-RPM capability, this machining center redefines precision engineering. Check out the details, pictures & bidding.

  • 2013 Haas EC400 Horizontal Machining Center: For those favoring horizontal machining, this equipment is an embodiment of efficiency and versatility. Check out the details, pictures & bidding.

  • Cleveland 120D-124-900 straight side, double-crank press, 900-ton: Press equipment seekers, pay heed! This 900-ton powerhouse features a 66″ x 125″ bed, making it a force to be reckoned with. Check out the  details, pictures & bidding.

  • Royal T300C Forklift Truck: Tackling logistics is a breeze with this heavyweight forklift truck, equipped to handle an impressive 30000# Max. Load Capacity. Check out the details, pictures & bidding.

  • 2008 Brown & Sharpe Global Classic 09.15.08 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine: Precision becomes second nature with this advanced measuring machine by your side. Check out the details, pictures & bidding.

A Symphony of Diversity: The Array of Offerings

Custom Tooling Systems, Inc. auction doesn’t merely stop at the major players. It showcases an expansive lineup of equipment catering to a diverse range of needs. From vertical milling machines to hydraulic surface grinders, radial arm drill presses to CNC wire electrical discharge machines, this auction unveils a treasure trove. View all the great equipment selling in this online auction

Save the Date for Auction Action

Circle Tuesday, September 12 on your calendar as the day of bidding! The bidding frenzy commences at 8:00 am Eastern Time and will continue until 6:00 pm the same day, as the lots progressively close. Eager to get up close and personal with the items? A preview is available on the day preceding the auction, from 12 pm to 4 pm, as well as on the auction day, from 8 am to 5 pm.

In Closing

The Custom Tooling Systems, Inc. auction hosted on represents an unparalleled chance to acquire top-tier industrial machinery and equipment. Ranging from machining centers to forklift trucks, this auction caters to all. As Custom Tooling Systems, Inc. transitions into retirement, seize the opportunity to acquire meticulously maintained equipment poised for exceptional performance. Set your alarms, mark your calendar, and embark on an auction journey like never before. is your trusted partner in securing the finest industry deals, and the Custom Tooling Systems, Inc. auction stands as a testament to that commitment. Don’t miss out on a chance to redefine your workspace’s efficiency and creativity. Begin your bidding adventure with today!

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