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Orbitbid.com Charity Auctions (a DBA)

Orbitbid.com Charity (DBA of Orbitbid.com) offers groups the opportunity to conduct a live or online charity auction for fundraising purposes for non-profit organizations and groups. We have helped conduct many auctions for the greater West Michigan community. We would be happy to help out with your event. Contact us today to see if we are available.

Auctions are a great way to maximize your fundraising efforts! Not only are they a fun event for participants to attend, but the electric energy and competition drives your donors to pay more than they might have in a typical fundraiser or general donation. And that brings your cause more money!

Having a professional auctioneer at your event makes life easier for your organization during the event. An auctioneer can help give announcements and will take the pressure off your hands when the auction is going. Plus, we know how to interact with the crowd – connecting with them to encourage higher bidding.

Hosting an online charity auction is a great way to raise money without the stress and expenses associated with large live auction events. Plus, they offer convenience for your bidders who can decide to bid at any time!

Call 866-672-4806 to see if we will be able to make it to your event.

We conduct both live and online charity auctions! Click to view upcoming & past charity auctions conducted by Orbitbid.com Charity.