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HG Ventures Inc. Dump Truck Auction

Find the perfect truck for your company

Looking to expand your fleet of dump trucks? Whether you are a municipality wanting to serve your clients in a greater capacity or are a private company looking to grow, we have just the auction for you! On Wednesday, January 29th we will be holding an auction for HG Ventures Inc. to liquidate their dump trucks. There will be 30+ dump trucks selling short notice in this secured creditor sale. Check out a few of these great items below or click here to go straight to the full dump truck auction!

2010 Volvo Triaxle Dump Truck

2010 Volvo triaxle dump truck, 452,258 miles, 17,158 hours, ECU, battery, and maintenance lights on, Volvo D13, 425 HP diesel, 13-speed Eaton-Fuller transmission, 84,740 GVWR, front axle 18,740 lbs. GAWR, 1st intermediate 20,000 lbs., 2nd intermediate 23,000 lbs., rear axle 23,000 lbs., Parker Trailer, model AV18-A, aluminum dump bed, automatic tarp, single 125 gallon fuel tank, aluminum rims, lift tag axle, bed is 18′ x 64″ tall sides x 96″ wide, dent in fuel tank, hood has paint chips and cracks, passenger side step area is rusted and broken, VIN 4V5KC9EH6AN290736, currently in non-running condition, may have starter issue, includes keys.

Starting Bid: $1,000.00

2010 Volvo Triaxle Dump Truck Auction

2015 MACK Triaxle Dump Truck

2015 MACK, model GU713, triaxle dump, 370,875 miles, 5,204 engine hours, Allison automatic push button transmission, heated mirrors, power windows and locks, diff lock, PTO with Apsco lift tag axle, engine brake, cruise control, GVWR 84,000 lb., front axle 18,000 lb., 1st intermediate axle 20,000 lb., 2nd intermediate axle is 23,000 lb., and rear axle 23,000 lb., Volvo D-13 12.8 liter diesel engine, VIN 1M2AX07C7FM022090, Parker, model ABW-18A, 18′ x 64″ tall sides x 96″ wide aluminum dump bed, has hydraulic leak, message indicator light on for air filter, bed will not lift, unit runs and drives, lift axle works, automatic tarp.

Starting Bid: $1,000.00

2015 MACK Triaxle

2005 Peterbilt 357 Roll Off Triaxle Truck with Lift Tag

2005 Peterbilt 357 roll off triaxle truck with lift tag, 142,066 miles, 1,332 hours, check engine light on, oil light on, Diff lock, Eaton-Fuller transmission, air ride seat, manual windows, interior shows wear, diesel engine, unable to open hood, unit runs and appears operate, VIN 1NPAL00X45NB43632, damage to hood and bumper, cracked windshield.

Starting Bid: $1,000.00

2005 Peterbilt 357 Roll Off Triaxle Truck with Lift Tag

2013 Volvo Triaxle Dump Truck

2013 Volvo triaxle dump truck, 419,635 miles, 13,633 hours, 82,360 GVWR, Eaton-Fuller 10-speed transmission, D13, 500 HP diesel, GAWR front axle 18,180 lbs., 1st intermediate axle 18,180 lbs., 2nd intermediate axle, 23,000 lbs., and rear axle 23,000 lbs., DEF tank, dual 75 gallon aluminum fuel tanks, Heritage, model HA1H aluminum dump body, size 19′ 6″ x 66″ x 72″, S/N HA-517, 2013 bed, front and lift tag axles have aluminum rims with 38565R225 tires, automatic tarp system, bed is filled with used tires, driver’s side rear axle have steel tires, passenger outer are aluminum, single stack, runs and operates, has dent in front bumper, missing grill trim piece, cracked windshield, shifter knob missing, VIN 4V5KC9EJ6DN134980.

Starting Bid: $1,000.00

2013 Volvo Triaxle

We hope that you have found something great to bid on in this dump truck auction. This is some great equipment and we can’t wait to see who will take it home. If you have any questions about this auction, please feel free to contact us here. We want to make sure that you are fully informed when participating in our auctions. If you don’t have any further questions, click the button below to view the full auction!