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Transporting Heavy Equipment

How to Save on Costs When Transporting Heavy Equipment

When the time comes for you to transport your equipment from point A to point B it can be costly depending on distance, and means of transportation – and for most people who might not have ever transported a heavy piece of equipment before, the task can seem a bit overwhelming as well as expensive. As you prepare to start transporting your heavy equipment or machinery, we have a few things to think about so that you are prepared and can make the most cost effective decision when it comes to transportation.

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Think About Distance

The distance that you are going to be transporting your heavy equipment will largely affect how you will choose to transport it as well as what options you have for moving the items. If you are only transporting your equipment a short distance, most people will find that the most cost effective way to do so will be to move and transport the equipment themselves. Most of the time, a flatbed trailer will do. Flatbed trailers generally have the ability to support several tons of weight making them a viable option for transporting especially heavy equipment. If you ARE hoping to move your equipment yourself, be sure to take into consideration all of the legalities that will also occur. You might need to purchase to obtain an oversized load permit. Make sure to do your research before you move any equipment so that you are prepared for any situation that might occur. If you don’t own a flatbed trailer, you can always rent one, and if you do not have access to one it’s possible that you would want to look into getting your equipment towed or hiring someone to transport it for you!

If you need your equipment to go a little bit further, you will want to look into various shipping options. Shipping your equipment might include it traveling via train, semi, or maybe even boat depending on where it is going! If you are going to ship your equipment, make sure to get various quotes from different shipping agencies or companies to make sure that you are getting the best rate to send your items where they need to go.

Consider Disassembling Your Equipment

Regardless if you are going to be moving your equipment yourself or hiring someone else to do it, disassembling your equipment is a creative way to save you a few bucks. Disassembling your equipment can reduce the dimensions if you are shipping your equipment, and if you are transporting your own equipment, it can allow you to load up your equipment more efficiently and make it easier to handle each individual piece rather than the equipment as a whole. If your equipment does not run, disassembling is a great way to transport your equipment simply because you might not be able to drive/move it independently. Even if you do not disassemble your equipment into many parts, you will always want to remove any detachable parts such as buckets, forks, etc. and secure them separately.

Other Things To Consider & Save You Money

A few other things to consider when you are preparing to move your machines, equipment, and large heavy items are insurance, safety checks, permits, and maintenance.


Insurance is important to consider before you move any equipment by any means. If anything were to happen during transit, you will want to be covered. There will always be some sort of risk involved in the movement of your heavy equipment and machinery – and having insurance can help you protect yourself from having to pay for any needed repairs if something is damaged or accidentally broken.

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Safety Checks

Safety checks are a good way to make sure that everything is in good condition before transport, also allowing you to recognize quickly if any part or piece of your machine is damaged in transit. Safety checks can also help you identify any potential issues that might arise so that you can address them quickly and make sure that they don’t become a bigger issue down the road!


As we stated earlier, making sure that you have the correct permits is so important before transport especially if you are transporting the equipment yourself. Be sure to put in the time and research to making sure that you have the proper permits to move your equipment as needed. If you hire someone move your heavy equipment for you, it’s more likely that they have a good idea of what permits are needed and what legalities there are to follow – we would still encourage you to inquire about what permits they have acquired.


Maintenance before moving your items is necessary in specific situations. Mostly if you have elected to ship your machinery, we would suggest that you maintain your equipment as well as drain it of all its fluids and disconnect the battery and hoses as necessary and applicable. Doing this helps you transport your equipment and items more safely and will also is just a preventive precaution to have a safe, clean transport.

These are just a few things to consider and think about while you prepare to transport your equipment from point A to point B – wherever that might be.
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