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Tug Boat for sale located on Beaver Island, Michigan - bid today through a sealed bid

There’s still time to submit your sealed bid for the Cisco Tug Boat we are selling!

Originally built in 1951 in Sturgeon Bay, the vessel was rebuilt on Beaver Island, MI in 2006, where is currently located. More information about the vessel and copy of the 2008 survey are included in the Sealed Bid Form you can download below. Many interior renovations and furnishing updates have been made since the 2008 survey. Serious bidders are encouraged to inspect the vessel in person.

The vessel is in running and operational condition, and is currently in the water and located at 26035 Main St., Beaver Island, MI 49782.

 For more information or to schedule a time to inspect the vessel, please contact Jon Kuiper at jkuiper@orbitbid.com or 616-560-4992.

Download a copy of the Sealed Bid Form below for a 2008 survey & more information about the vessel

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