Over 900 Lots of Vintage Collectibles

Over 900 Lots of Vintage Collectibles

If you love to collect coca cola memorabilia, vintage signs, and John Deere collectibles, then we have the perfect auction for you! With over 900 lots full of collectibles, you are guaranteed to find something to add to your already incredible collection or a perfect time to start one.

COCA COLA Collectables

COCA COLA Collectables

• Caviler Corp 10 Bottle Coca Cola Dispenser
• Westing House Original Chest Cooler
• Galvanized Portable Cooler
• Metal Signs
• Bottles
• Wood Crates
• Trays
• Clocks
• Diecast Trucks & Cars
• Diecast Gas Pumps
• Hundreds more

NASCAR Collectables

• Neon Signs
• Tin Hood Pictures
• Flags
• Power Wheels
• Authentic Jackets
• Much more


• Ford
• Marlboro
• Chevrolet
• Miller Lite
• Budweiser

JOHN DEERE Collectables

• Battery Powered Tractor
• Stools
• Décor
• Die Cast Pedal Tractors
• Oil Cans
• Riding Lawn Mower
• Die Cast Tractors & Trucks
• Street Signs
• Quality Tin Sign Replica


• Vintage Oil Cans
• Collector Fuel Cans
• Vintage Signs
• Gasoline Pump Cover
• Motors
• Die Cast Pump Replicas
• Vintage Texaco Fire Chief Gas Pump
• Vintage Windshield Wiper Display Case with wipers and wiper gauge
• Vintage Spark Plug Cleaner/Tester
• Vintage Tire Changer & Balancer
• Vintage Floor Jack
• Vintage Piston Ring Compression Tester

Online Auction | Tuesday, September 20 | Hudsonville, Michigan

Click here to bid & for details: https://bid.orbitbid.com/auctions

3 Ways To Know It’s Time To Update Your Heavy Equipment

3 Ways To Know It's Time To Update Your Heavy Equipment

3 Ways To Know It’s Time To Update Your Heavy Equipment

If you own a business that frequently runs heavy equipment as a part of your everyday operations you most likely have recognized that some wear and tear is a normal part of owning and operating said equipment! You also might have realized that deciding when it’s time to update your heavy equipment can be challenging – when does your equipment cross over the line of having regular wear and tear to it being time to update and upgrade your equipment? As a business owner, you want to make the best investments for your business while also functioning in the most efficient way possible! Well, you are in luck because today we want to share with you 3 different ways to know it’s time to cross that line and update your heavy equipment so that you can keep your operations running at maximum efficiency.

The first way to know that it is time to update your piece of heavy equipment is when it begins to cost you more than what it is making you. This is more likely a scenario for a smaller business owner with not as much revenue as a larger business or corporation – but if your equipment has so much wear and tear that you are in the shop fixing it more than what you are out of the shop using it, that’s a pretty good sign that it might be time to update that piece of machinery. As soon as you cross over the line of spending more time and money on repairs for a piece of equipment than the amount of time and money it is saving or making you, then it is likely time to part ways! This can be hard, especially if you have used the equipment faithfully for years, but when you look at the big picture, investing and updating your equipment will end up saving you money and maybe even making you more!

The second way that you can know that it might be time to update and upgrade your equipment is when your company outgrows it. As your company grows, so should your tools and equipment – and not just in quantity. Your equipment should also grow in the sense of functionality! Each piece of machinery or equipment should operate in a way that allows for growth (more jobs/tasks) as well as keep up with the responsibilities that you have currently put before it! If your equipment is falling behind or you aren’t sure that you want to put it up against of one of your “bigger” jobs or tasks because you fear that it won’t be able to complete the job or function the way it should, it is likely time for an update and upgrade.

Our last tip of 3 ways to tell it’s time to update your equipment is when you begin to notice excessive signs of wear and tear. When you begin to see excessive wear and tear such as extreme rust, corrosion, and deterioration. Extreme wear and tear all begins from being normal wear and tear, so it is important to keep your eye out for the developing issues and watch them progress. Keep your eyes open for extreme wear and tear by performing routine preventive maintenance on all of your equipment. This will help you keep an eye on what parts of your equipment might be tipping the scale from normal wear and tear over to being ready to update and upgrade.

If you are ready to upgrade and update your equipment, we have auctions going on regularly with tons of great pieces of equipment. Click here to see all of our upcoming equipment auctions.
If you have questions about the auction process or anything else we might be able to do to help you, click here and contact us today!

For more information on how to buy or sell equipment with Orbitbid, please contact us today!

Your Guide To Buying Equipment Online – 5 Steps To Get Started

guide to buying equipment online

Your Guide To Buying Equipment Online – 5 Steps To Get Started

When it comes time to buy a new piece of equipment, the options are endless when it comes to where and how you purchase your new equipment. With Online shopping sweeping the nation in the last 10 years it is no surprise that buying equipment online has also gained popularity as well. Buying a large (or small) piece of equipment online might seem daunting, especially if you haven’t done so before, but we are here to tell you that buying online doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing, you can actually end up finding equipment that is gently used at a much more affordable price than if you went to an equipment dealer! Orbitbid.com is an online auction site that hosts a wide variety of auctions to make buying and selling equipment and other items as simple as possible. If you are interested in beginning the process of buying a piece of equipment from an online auction we have 5 steps to help you get started with the process.

Decide What You Are Looking To Purchase

The first and foremost step in making an equipment purchase online is figuring out what type of equipment you are looking for. It’s always good to know what you are looking for before you begin looking! Depending on your business or personal needs, what you are looking for can vary! Orbitbid.com often has separate auctions built around industries and various liquidation projects. First deciding what type and what equipment will fit your needs is the most important step!

Register To Bid

The next step to make your purchase is to register to bid. Registering to bid will allow you to browse all of the auctions that are currently being hosted as well as whatever auctions are coming up soon! You can also set up auction notifications so that you don’t miss any good deals or important information regarding the upcoming sales. Once you have registered to bid with any Miedema Company, you have access to bid, watch, and win lots from any online auction put on by any of our Miedema Companies!

Browse The Auctions

Browsing the auctions might be the step that will take the most time in the purchase process. Take time to look through each equipment auction so that you see each of the individual lots that are being featured. If we don’t have what you are looking for right now, keep coming back and checking our inventory! It’s always changing and updating. To see our upcoming auctions, click here.

Place Your First Bid

Once you have found a piece of equipment that you’d like to purchase, the next step is to place your bid! Of course because it is still an auction, when the time runs out you must be the highest bidder in order to actually win the item. Keep an eye on the item or items you are interested in while the auction is live so that you can continue placing bids on the items you’d like!

Win The Auction

Bid, bid, bid till you win! Once you win the auction and the lots close, the equipment is yours! You’ll need to pay and arrange for pickup with the auction company – but you will have successfully purchased your first piece of equipment from an online auction!

If you have questions regarding the online auction process and how to begin and buy quality used equipment from auction, please contact us today! Our team is more than happy to help you and walk you through the process!

If you are a seller that would like to list your equipment with Orbitbid.com, please contact us today!

Wyke Die & Engineering, Inc. Retirement Liquidation

Hurco Vertical Machining Center

Wyke Die & Engineering, Inc. Retirement Liquidation

CNC Machine Shop Equipment for Auction

In the market for some tool and die shop equipment? Purchasing this equipment at auction is a fantastic way to expand your current production or start your business! We will be holding a retirement liquidation auction for Wyke Die & Engineering, Inc. on Wednesday, March 4th. This auction will feature lathes, machining centers, saws and more! Check out some of the featured lots below, or click here to view the full auction!

2015 Hurco Vertical Machining Center

2015 Hurco, model VMX30i, vertical machining center, S/N H-H31112, with Hurco control station that is equipped with (2) 12″ screens, push button controls, and remote pendant, 40″ x 20″ slotted table (TOOLING SHOWN IN PHOTOS NOT INCLUDED), quick tool changer, chip conveyor, built in coolant, Habor, model HWK-250PTSB, chiller, all in working condition, winning bidder responsible for proper disassembly and removal.

Starting Bid: $1,000

2015 Hurco Vertical Machining Center

Hurco Vertical Machining Center

Hurco, model MK-60IIE, vertical machining center, S/N 360F063, with a Ultimax control unit with (2) 12″ screens and remote pendant, 55″ width x 25.5″ depth slotted table, tool changer, chip conveyor, built in coolant, in working condition, winning bidder responsible for proper disassembly and removal.

Starting Bid: $1,000

Hurco Vertical Machining Center

Carlton Radial Arm Drill

Carlton radial arm drill with 11″ column and 4′ arm, unit is equipped with 18″ width x 20″ height x 24″ depth slotted steel table, in working condition, winning bidder responsible for proper disassembly and removal.

Starting Bid: $1,000

Knuth Precision Lathe

Knuth V-2URN410, precision lathe with 8″ diameter 6-jaw chuck attached, overhead work light, approx. 4′ bed, chip tray, tool post, Knuth X.POS 3.1 VC push button control unit with LED read out, foot control, in working condition, winning bidder responsible for proper disassembly and removal.

Starting Bid: $1,000


Find something you could add to your shop? We hope that you take advantage of all of the incredible equipment in this auction! If you have any questions about our auction process feel free to contact us here. If you don’t have any questions, click the button below to view the full auction! Happy Bidding!

KLC Enterprises Complete Liquidation


KLC Enterprises Complete Liquidation

Great Tool and Die Shop Equipment

Looking to get into the tool and die business or want to expand your current operations? Check out our upcoming auction on Tuesday, March 3 to find all the machinery that you need! This auction will be a complete liquidation of KLC enterprises and will include machining centers, grinders and lathes! Check out some of the featured equipment below, or click here to go straight to the full auction!

Daewoo model DMV-500, Diamond Series CNC Vertical Machining Center

Daewoo model DMV-500, Diamond Series CNC vertical machining center, S/N AV5S0669. (2000), Fanuc 18M control, (2) Turbo Conveyor, model 5475-8233 chip conveyor, side mount tool changer, 40 taper spindle chiller, 19 1/2 x 47″ table, 10,000 RPM, does not include tooling, winning bidder responsible for proper disassembly and removal.

Starting Bid: $1,000.00

Daewoo model DMV-500, Diamond Series CNC vertical machining center

Dainichi model M 105 x 400 40" x 170" Flatbed CNC Lathe

Dainichi model M 105 x 400 40″ x 170″ Flatbed CNC Lathe, S/N 25943, manufactured in 1994, Fanuc 15T control, 10 pos. front turret, 31″ 4-jaw chuck, programmable tail stock, steady rest, winning bidder responsible for proper disassembly and removal.

Starting Bid: $5,000.00


Thompson 12" x 40" Automatic Surface Grinder

Thompson 12″ x 40″ automatic surface grinder with a 24″ x 10″ electromagnetic chuck, Walker chuck control, overhead dress unit, S/N B513942, winning bidder responsible for proper disassembly and removal.

Starting Bid: $100.00


Doosan "Puma", Model 300C CNC Lathe

 Doosan “Puma”, model 300C CNC Lathe. S/N ML0052-003738, manufactured in 2012, Fanuc 21TB control, 12″ 3-jaw chuck, tool probe, 10 POS turret, 36″ centers, 4.1″ hole, with a Turbo System, Inc., model 5287-8630 chip conveyor, winning bidder responsible for proper disassembly and removal.

Starting Bid: $1,000.00


TCM Model FHG30, 6000 lb Gas Fuel Lift Truck

TCM model FHG30, 6000 lb gas fuel lift truck, two stage mast, 60″ forks, hard tire, 4028 hours, needs a new carborator, unit was in good running condition prior.

Starting Bid: $100.00

TCM model FHG30, 6000 lb gas fuel lift truck

We hope that you’ve found something you love in this auction! Buying tool and die machinery at auction is a fantastic way to expand your operations without having to go through the process of buying everything new from a manufacturer. If you have any questions about this auction or our company, feel free to contact us here. If not, click the button below to head on over to the auction. Happy bidding!

Ultimate Guide To Saving On Equipment Costs for 2020

equipment savings

Ultimate Guide To Saving On Equipment Costs for 2020

With 2020 just having begun you may have already made your new year’s resolutions but it’s never too late to begin your efforts to save on equipment costs this year. Every equipment owner, whether you are a business or independent owner knows how expensive equipment can be, meaning that small cost savings add up when it comes to your equipment. So, going into this new year, we have the best tips and tricks for you to save on equipment for 2020.

Purchase Used Equipment

Purchasing used equipment is a great way to save money this coming year. You can purchase a great, reliable piece of machinery for a fraction of the cost! We here at Orbitbid sell hundreds of high quality, used pieces of equipment each year on our online auctions. If you want to check out some of our current equipment listings, click here!

Keep Your Equipment Clean

By keeping your equipment clean, you will better preserve the materials that your machines are made out of. Less rust, and damage will keep your equipment running longer! Not to mention by washing your equipment routinely you’ll be able to better see any issues that might be arising.

clean equipment

Do Preventive Maintenance Checks

Preventive maintenance checks are one of the main ways that you can save money on your equipment this year. It’s always a good idea to routinely be checking your equipment so you can look for any issues that might be on the horizon. Take the time to check over your machinery top to bottom at least once a week to ensure that it is in great working condition.

Keep Track Of Service Hours

Keeping Track of service hours is a good way to keep track of the wear and tear on your equipment and gives you a good scope and timeline of when your equipment might need maintenance. More service hours also means that you need to keep a closer eye on your equipment watching for any issues that might arise.

Schedule and Plan Maintenance

Scheduling and planning time for maintenance is a great way to save on costs. Scheduling your maintenance will keep you accountable when it comes to preventive maintenance measures but also it will allow a professional to handle your equipment on a routine. You may pay more upfront for a replacement part or repair that hadn’t QUITE broken yet, but you will save money in the long term of not having your equipment breakdown or need maintenance when you most need it leaving you in a jam.

equipment maintenance

Budget For Equipment Servicing

It’s always a good idea to budget for your equipment servicing. It’s a good way to plan ahead for any unexpected costs while also building into your expenses preventive maintenance costs that will occur. Be sure to sit down and go over your budget this year and work in the cost of equipment servicing as well as an “emergency fund” for any unforeseen repairs that might sneak up on you!

Train Your Equipment Operators

Lastly and maybe one of the easiest and important ways to save money on your equipment this year is by taking the time to train your machine operators. Sit your machine operators down and go through the everyday operations and expectations of your equipment. This might include talking to them about proper idling times, how and when to speak up if an issue arises, as well as the proper ways to run and operate the equipment.

Reducing equipment costs doesn’t have to be hard, and ultimately we know that it can be a huge benefit to your business! So take the time to be more intentional about the use of your equipment this year, and find yourself with a few extra dollars at the end of the year.

For more information on how to buy or sell equipment with Orbitbid, please contact us today!

CME Metalworking

Metal Working Auction

CME Metalworking

Online Metal Working Auction - February 18, 2020

If you are in the metalworking industry, we have an auction that you do not want to miss! CME Metalworking is selling a wide variety of assets from their Clinton Michigan facility. This online metalworking auction features over 170 lots of various machinery, equipment, storage solutions and so much more. If you are interested in looking at what this auction has to offer, click here. All assets will be sold via online auction with Orbitbid.com – a Miedema Asset Management Group Company. Auction highlights include: Fadal VMC-6535 Vertical Machining Center, Haas VF-3B Vertical Machining Center, Haas VF-3 Vertical Machining Center, Haas 5th Axis, Lion Engine Lathe, Bridgeport & Enco Mills, Hyster LP Forklift, Mitutoyo CMM, Compressors, Welders, Band Saws, Racking, Tools, and so much more!

This Featured Online Auction will take place on Tuesday, February 18, starting at 8:00 am, and lots will begin to start closing at 6:00 pm Eastern Time. Auction previews will be available the day before the auction from 10am – 4pm and auction day from 8am – 5pm.

Lot 1-28451
Super Max, model YCM-TC-26, CNC lathe

This Super Max, model YCM-TC-26, CNC lathe features a 12-tool capacity tool changer and a 10″ 3-jaw chuck. The lathe is a part of the Fanuc Series 18-T control unit with 8.5″ digital screen, built in chip conveyor, and built in coolant. Item is in running condition, and the winning bidder will be responsible for proper disassembly and removal. The CNC late also includes a 72″ width x 33″ height x 26″ depth steel framed work bench with wood lower shelf and contents, including assorted chuck jaws, fixture attachments, various socket head screws, hand tools, and misc. other items.

Bidding will begin at $1,000 and continue in increments of $100.00

metalworking auction

Lot 1-28452
Acer model E-1350B CNC bed mill

The Acer, model E-1350B, CNC bed mill (manufactured in 2001) is up for auction. This piece of metalworking machinery is a S/N 11030232, with Anilam, model 3300MK, featuring a control unit with 12″ screen, and a 44″ x 9.5″ stainless steel table, single spindle, variable speed motor. There is also a overhead work light included. The winning bidder is responsible for proper disassembly and removal.

Bidding will begin at $1,000 and continue in increments of $100.00

We hope you found something to add to your shop, to see more Auction Details, or to view all of these great metalworking auction & machinery lots, please click the button below! If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us today! Our team is happy to help!

Huge Pawn Shop Inventory Reduction Auction

Pawn Shop auction

Huge Pawn Shop Inventory Reduction Auction

National Pawn Brokers Outlet

In the market for, well, just about anything? We are holding a HUGE inventory reduction for a National Pawn Brokers Outlet and have a ton of great lots for you to bid on! This pawn shop auction includes everything from equipment like snow blowers and generators to musical instruments and sports memorabilia, so you are bound to find something you are interested in! The auction will be held on Tuesday, February 25th at 8am. This is a one day online auction – so make sure you check out all of the lots so you know what you want to bid on. A few of the featured lots are listed below, and you can find the rest of the lots in the full auction here!

Collectible "Drink Coca-Cola" Pedal Car

(1) approx. 32″ long x approx. 20″ tall collectible “Drink Coca-Cola” pedal car.

Starting Bid: $5.00

pedal car pawn shop auction

26" x 25" Autographed, Framed Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford Photo

(1) 26″ x 25″ autographed, framed Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford photo, with certificate of authenticity.

Starting Bid: $5.00

detroit lions

Keith Urban Signature Right Handed Electric Guitar

(1) Keith Urban Signature right handed electric guitar with tortoise shell pick guard, tobacco sunburst body, nickel tuning keys, chrome humbucker style pickups, in playable condition.

Starting Bid: $5.00


Power Mate 1200 Watt, Portable Gas Powered Generator

(1) Power Mate 1200 watt, portable gas powered generator (1500 surge watts), in working condition.

Starting Bid: $5.00

This is a fantastic auction to find some smaller items that might not normally be found in our other auctions. We hope that several lots caught your eye and that you are excited for the upcoming pawn shop auction on February 25th! Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us here. If you want to stat bidding or see the rest of the items up for auction, click the button below!

TCR Montana Equipment Auction

kubota tractor

TCR Montana Equipment Auction

Equipment Located Near Butte Montana

Are you in the market for some great equipment? We have an auction coming up selling off nice, well-kept equipment for TCR Montana Equipment. The auction will begin on Monday, February 24th and will close on Wednesday, February 26th. This auction includes a Kubota loader tractor, a nice flatbed trailer,  multiple attachments and more! Check out a few of the lots below, or click here to view the full auction and bid.

Kubota L2800 Loader Tractor with only 126 actual hours

This Kubota Tractor has 4 wheel drive, 29 h.p. diesel, 126 metered hours, hydrostatic drive, 3 point, PTO, hydraulic remote, manufactured in 2010, in excellent condition, always stored inside, good tires.

Starting Bid: $2,500.00

kubota tractor

Kasco Quick Attach Universal Skid Steer Mount Snow Blade

 Kasco quick attach universal skid steer mount snow blade, fully adjustable angle, good condition

Starting Bid: $100.00

kasco snow blade

Snow Pusher, 6' Wide, Like New!

Snow Pusher, 6′ wide, like new, used a couple of times only, universal quick attach skid steer mount

Starting Bid: $200.00

snow pusher

2015 Transit Flatbed Trailer 18'

2015 Transit Flatbed Trailer, 18′ long, 82″ wide, treated deck, heavy duty ramps, 7,000lb GVWR, chain hooks, front stop bar, mounted spare tire, VIN # 1M9UU1827FJ944055, new heavy duty jack, all tires in good condition.

Starting Bid: $500.00


Rake Unit, 3 Point, 6' Wide

Rake unit, 3 point, 6′ wide, adjustable teeth, wheel kit.

Starting Bid: $25.00


Kawasaki Generator

Kawasaki Generator GE4300A, rarely used as backup unit only, comes with wheel kit and folding handle, good condition

Starting Bid: $100.00


We hope that you have found something in this auction that you can add to your collection! As a reminder, this equipment is located near Butte, Montana and the auction will close on February 26th. If you are interested in placing a bid on the Kubota tractor, Kawasaki generator or one of the other items, click the button below! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.

Do you have equipment you are looking to sell? Consider selling with us here at Orbitbid.com. We specialize in selling all types of equipment and large assets straight from the seller’s location. Not only does this get rid of any shipping costs that the seller would have had to incur, it also allows potential bidders to see the equipment in its working environment. This gives them the chance to see all of the care that you have put into your equipment over the years, including how it has been stored. If you are interested in seeing what an online equipment auction can do for your sale, contact us today!

5 Strategies To Make Your Charity Auction a Success

5 strategies to make your charity auction a success

5 Strategies To Make Your Charity Auction a Success

Hosting your own charity auction can be a little bit intimidating for a beginner, how do you get started, how much planning should go into the event, and probably the biggest question of all, how do you host a successful charity auction if you have never before? If you are new to charity auctions all together a charity auction is most generally known as a nonprofit fundraising event where a nonprofit organization will generally raise money by collecting donations such as experiences, trips, items, gift cards, and more; and selling them to the highest bidder on a live, online or silent auction. If you are in the planning process of a charity auction or are hoping to plan one soon, we have 5 simple strategies to help you make your charity auction a success.

1. Choose the Correct Type Of Auction

Before beginning the entire auction process and planning stage, the first and foremost thing that you can do in order to help your charity auction succeed is going to be to choose the correct type of auction. There are live, online, and silent auctions, many people will even combine two of the three in a good combination and to also reach a wider audience. Choosing the correct type of auction will require proper research to find out who your donors will likely be, and how they will best interact with the auction. In order to connect with your donors properly you might benefit from sending out a survey that asks strategic questions that will help you understand your audience as well as what they are interested in, and how they will best interact with your auction.

charity auction

2. Secure Your Large Items Far in Advance

This is a basic strategy that will help your charity auction to be a success. Don’t find yourself one month away from your auction with no large items secured. Depending on your situation and auction your “large items” might vary in value – but no matter what the dollar amount value is, be sure to secure those items as far in advance as you can. The more time you have them secured, the more time you have to market them and strategize the best way to sell them in your auction.

3. Use Proper Marketing

Proper marketing can take your charity auction to the next level. Invest in some paid advertising, utilize social media, and strategize how to get donors to the auction. For example, you could start a small raffle giveaway that starts online and the winner will be chosen live at the charity auction. This is a great way to gain exposure all while giving incentive for your potential donors and buyers to show up the night of your auction where they can see all of the rest of your items.

4. Remind Donors of the Cause

Reminding your donors and buyers of the cause of the auction is a great way to help your auction be successful. We would also recommend to be sure to provide your donors with various options to donate to the cause, not JUST through the auction. Utilize the buyers emotions, by being sure to share your cause in creative ways throughout the auction. For example if you are a non profit that helps local schools with an after school program for kids that are at risk, it would be a great idea to have a principle of one of the schools come and give a short testimony of how your nonprofit has helped them. There are many creative ways to share with your audience the mission of your charity or nonprofit. So hold a brainstorming session with your team and try to come up with at least 2-3 ways to share the cause with your buyers and donors.

charity auction

5. Order Your Items Strategically

If you have chosen to utilize a live auction for your charity event, believe it or not the order that your items are sold can make a huge difference in the success of your auction. It’s a pretty general rule of thumb to start your auction with the smallest items that you have. Starting with small items and working your way up to the larger items helps the event build suspense for your buyers and donors. Generally it is recommended to sell your biggest ticket items at about ¾ of the way through the auction. This gives your audience time to anticipate the larger attraction items, and leaves just enough time after they are sold for everyone to settle down and focus back on the more middle valued items. If your large items are sold too soon in the auction, your bigger donors who would be interested in those items will likely lose interest in the rest of the smaller items and auction.

We hope that these tips will help you plan your charity auction and set yourself up for success. No matter how you choose to plan your nonprofit auction, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to plan, gather together a team, and think through the auction step by step.
If you need help getting started with your charity auction, or are looking for a auction house to help you host and run your auction, please take a look at our DBA Orbitbid Charity! We are happy to help you in any way that we can.

charity auction volunteer