Tony Brush Farms -

Tony Brush Farms

Tuesday, March 28th we will be selling an array of farming equipment via a one day online auction. The items within this auction are being sold on behalf of Tony Brush Farms who has recently discontinued its fresh packing business and will concentrate their efforts in other areas on the farm.

Items within this auction will include  Complete Washing and Sizing Cucumber Line, Complete Squash and Gords Washing, Drying and Waxing line, John Deere 2555 Tractor, Poly Forkable Vegetable Boxes, Wooden Forkable Vegetable Boxes, Irrigation Spin Cast Filters, Irrigation Fertigation for Trickle Irrigating, Hard Hose Irrigation Traveler, Miles of black 3″ Oval Irrigation Line with Fittings, Orchard Trailers, plus much more.