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guide to buying equipment online

Your Guide To Buying Equipment Online – 5 Steps To Get Started

When it comes time to buy a new piece of equipment, the options are endless when it comes to where and how you purchase your new equipment. With Online shopping sweeping the nation in the last 10 years it is no surprise that buying equipment online has also gained popularity as well. Buying a large (or small) piece of equipment online might seem daunting, especially if you haven’t done so before, but we are here to tell you that buying online doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing, you can actually end up finding equipment that is gently used at a much more affordable price than if you went to an equipment dealer! is an online auction site that hosts a wide variety of auctions to make buying and selling equipment and other items as simple as possible. If you are interested in beginning the process of buying a piece of equipment from an online auction we have 5 steps to help you get started with the process.

Decide What You Are Looking To Purchase

The first and foremost step in making an equipment purchase online is figuring out what type of equipment you are looking for. It’s always good to know what you are looking for before you begin looking! Depending on your business or personal needs, what you are looking for can vary! often has separate auctions built around industries and various liquidation projects. First deciding what type and what equipment will fit your needs is the most important step!

Register To Bid

The next step to make your purchase is to register to bid. Registering to bid will allow you to browse all of the auctions that are currently being hosted as well as whatever auctions are coming up soon! You can also set up auction notifications so that you don’t miss any good deals or important information regarding the upcoming sales. Once you have registered to bid with any Miedema Company, you have access to bid, watch, and win lots from any online auction put on by any of our Miedema Companies!

Browse The Auctions

Browsing the auctions might be the step that will take the most time in the purchase process. Take time to look through each equipment auction so that you see each of the individual lots that are being featured. If we don’t have what you are looking for right now, keep coming back and checking our inventory! It’s always changing and updating. To see our upcoming auctions, click here.

Place Your First Bid

Once you have found a piece of equipment that you’d like to purchase, the next step is to place your bid! Of course because it is still an auction, when the time runs out you must be the highest bidder in order to actually win the item. Keep an eye on the item or items you are interested in while the auction is live so that you can continue placing bids on the items you’d like!

Win The Auction

Bid, bid, bid till you win! Once you win the auction and the lots close, the equipment is yours! You’ll need to pay and arrange for pickup with the auction company – but you will have successfully purchased your first piece of equipment from an online auction!

If you have questions regarding the online auction process and how to begin and buy quality used equipment from auction, please contact us today! Our team is more than happy to help you and walk you through the process!

If you are a seller that would like to list your equipment with, please contact us today!