Tom + Chee Assets | Restauraunt Liquidation | Online Auction

Former Assets of Tom + Chee Restaurant Liquidation

Tom + Chee is a grilled cheese restaurant that became infamous after being featured on “Shark Tank”, “Man vs. Food”, and “The Chew” because of its signature offering, the Grilled Cheese Doughnut.

Recently Tom + Chee has decided to close its doors and will be selling & hosting a restaurant liquidation of all assets through a one day online auction on Tuesday, January 29. 

With all assets located in Grandville, Michigan, this auction will contain an Imperial 4-top burner/flat top grill, fryers, smooth top grill, assorted stainless steel sinks, Globe slicers, refrigerated prep tables/cabinets, Ice-O-Matic ice maker, stainless prep tables, many assorted kitchen tools and support equipment, Fire King digital safe, many assorted matching tables and chairs, patio tables and chairs, POS system, and much more.