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Want to know what something is worth?

Want to know what something is worth? Miedema Appraisals, Inc. specializes in Appraising Construction, Industrial, Agriculture, and Food Processing types of equipment just to name a few. When you bring your equipment in for an appraisal, not only are you able to find out it’s true value, without any personal bias, but you are able to see if this is something that someone would actually want to purchase. Our appraisers will be able to tell you a lot about your information, and will also be able to help you sell your equipment in an auction through Orbitbid.com if that is your goal. Additionally, Miedema Appraisals performs appraisals of construction equipment for pre-qualification applications for the Michigan Department of Transportation. This is a great way to make sure that everything up and running before construction season kicks off so that you can gain approval earlier for your company! Give us a call for a free quotation on your next appraisal project 1-800-734-1112. www.miedemaappraisals.com

Of course, you may not need anything appraised exactly, you may just want to liquidate your assets right now. Contact us today to talk about selling your equipment in an auction with Orbitbid.com. We want to make sure that your equipment auction is the best that it can be and will work hard to make sure that your assets are presented in the best way possible. You deserve to get the most out of the items you auction off! We can’t wait to connect with you soon.